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GPS Tracking Solutions

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Unmanned Vehicle Solution

Mayika is your one stop vehicle tracking/ telematics technology partner. We provide the latest GPS tracking hardware, user-friendly and highly intuitive software to help you manage and track your commercial vehicles. We help you save time, money and resources while you focus on your daily operations.

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Sweeper Trucks
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Mayika Solutions

Our focus is to improve the safety of the Australia transportation industry through advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. We help organisations reduce their costs significantly through hardware solutions that provide real-time alerts and in-built warnings.

GPS Tracking Devices
GPS Tracking Devices

Mayika offers a wide range of 4G CAT-M1 GPS trackers, from basic to advanced to suit all applications and any conditions. And all Mayika GPS trackers come with lifetime warranty.

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IoT Sensors
IoT Sensors

All GPS trackers come with Bluetooth, which connects to a plethora of IoT sensors. These include temperature, humidity & light sensors, driver ID tags, and more.

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Dash Cameras
Dash Cameras

Integrated video dash cams with high memory capacity and options for live streaming through the Mayika platform gives fleet managers unparalleled insights into vehicle driving events.

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Driver App
Driver App

Manage your drivers and field workers by scheduling, dispatching and managing their tasks directly to their phone, keeping you updated on the progress of their daily schedule.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

These are electronic systems that assist drivers in driving and parking functions. Through a safe human-machine interface, ADAS increase car and road safety. ADAS systems use automated technology, such as sensors and cameras, to detect nearby obstacles or driver errors, and respond accordingly. These are systems developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving. ADAS’s automated systems are proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing human error.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
vehicle fleet management

How can Mayika help you optimize your vehicle fleet management?

  • OBDII and Hardwired GPS Trackers give you full control and visibility of your vehicles using latest 4G LTE devices accompanied by an easy-to-navigate, comprehensive telematics software.
  • IoT – Our battery powered devices provide feature such as temperate control and over asset tracking capabilities
  • Driver Performance and Safety - Our software provides fleet managers the ability to monitor driver performance pertaining to speeding, acceleration, braking, cornering and speed.
  • Task Management – Our software provides the capability to help fleet managers to schedule tasks and monitor job completion reports etc.

Mayika - Renowned Telematics Space Provider in Australia

Managing fleet of vehicles on road as well as in car shade or garage is a mammoth task since it involves monitoring the vehicle movement, receiving continuous feedback about vehicle performance, comparing data about fuel consumption, checking engine condition and vehicle parts, watching drivers’ behaviour on road keeping an eye on their performance. The job of fleet managers therefore necessitates them collecting and storing data and analytics and reviewing them for optimal utilisation to derive the best performance from the fleet of vehicles. It is therefore a round the clock duty which keeps them busy all through. Even the tiniest mistake lands them in trouble, resulting in the disruption of service and performance of the vehicle.

But with modern fleet management software that has used telematics space technology, the job of tracking vehicles and keeping their performance on top have become easy. Saying good bye to the pen paper data sheets the fleet managers can perform their job of managing fleet of vehicles more efficiently and accurately.

The Fleet Management Company

Mayika, the fleet management company was created with a dream to ensure safety and security on the roads in and around Australia some 15 years back. Ever since our inception, we are striving to provide the best telematics space to run your fleet of vehicles smoothly. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience, we try to serve you by maintaining your fleet of vehicles and enhancing their performance on road. Using our telematics space, it is possible to minimise accidents and track movement of your fleet of vehicles. Our end to end fleet management solution is specially built for all sorts of vehicles, heavy to light to serve all purposes. With our GPS tracking solution and fleet management software enjoy full control over your fleet of vehicles.

The Best GPS Tracking Fleet Company in Australia

Mayika, the best GPS tracking fleet company in Australia offers OBDII and Hardwired GPS trackers which provide complete visibility of your fleet of vehicles on road. The latest 4G LTE devices are fitted with our state of the art GPS trackers to give a more comprehensive insight into the vehicles which made running and maintaining of vehicles easier. Another important feature of our wide range of 4G CAT-M1 GPS trackers is that they come with life time warranty. Once you start using our GPS trackers, you remain tension free about their services.

The Best Asset Tracking Company in Australia

We at Mayika are also known to be the best asset tracking company as we provide asset tracking software using barcode scanning labels or RFID or GPS tags. Our fleet management solution can be connected with Bluetooth which accepts and reads messages through multiple IOT (Internet of Things) sensors. With our IOT sensors controlling temperature and humidity and lights inside of the vehicles have become easier. The driver ID tags enable the fleet managers to watch the movements and behaviours of drivers. Keeping an eye on the screen, they can monitor the drivers’ performance to know whether they are obeying traffic rules, following signals, using the planned route, maintaining speed or applying brakes unnecessarily.

Our GPS enabled software is fitted with an in-built warning chip that sends real time alerts regarding refilling fuel tank, fuel drainage and calculates loss of working hours due to drivers’ negligence.

Mayika's Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

With the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning provided by Mayika, the best fleet telematics company in Australia, operating and maintaining fleet of vehicles for any industry have become cost effective. We prepare fleet management software for vehicles of construction services, transport and logistics services, passenger transport services, courier services, health care services and cold chain supply services.

Mayika's The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) developed by Mayika fleet care services assist the drivers in driving and parking the vehicle perfectly. ADAS operates through a safe human-machine interface to increase car and road safety. The sensors and camera connected with ADAS systems function automatically to detect nearby obstacles or driver errors, and secure on spot responses. ADAS is thus built to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle operation ensuring safety and better driving. By minimising human error, ADAS has incorporated in fleet management and reduced road fatalities.

ADAS works through the ‘dash cameras’ or ‘integrated video dash cams’ which are known for their high memory and live streaming capacities through Mayika platform. With the help of dash cameras the fleet managers get exceptional insights about vehicle movement and can schedule fleet movement and allot duties providing enough rest to the drivers.

Mayika's Driver APP

The Driver App of Mayika is specially built keeping in mind the safety of the drivers. Using this app the drivers can send message about their movement, traffic congestion on road to their managers. Contrarily, using the driver app the fleet managers can schedule, dispatch and manage tasks directly, keep record of the progress of their daily schedule and job completion.

Mayika's Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Mayika tracking solution is applicable to all sorts of cars and vehicles including trucks, garbage trucks, sweeper trucks, buses, and private fleet. We, at Mayika, best understand your need and demand for the efficient and comprehensive movement of your vehicles. Being a fleet management software company, we vow to stand by our clients by providing the best fleet care. As a GPS tracking fleet company, we look for significant and extensive business and glitch free fleet movement. In our endeavour we are constantly being supported by a team of dedicated workers who are ever ready to go an extra mile to ensure the safety and security of your fleet of vehicles. Unlike the other fleet telematics companies, we have kept our business policies simple and straightforward. There is no hidden clause and terms in our policies as we emphasize on three ‘C’s- cost, comfort and convenience. Our telematics space solution is easy to install in your desktop, laptop, tab and mobile. The drivers can access our APP easily through their mobiles, study the road condition and send alarms and immediate messages.

For all kinds of vehicle movements and their smooth operation trust Mayika, the best telematics organisation in Australia. We swear to serve you by streamlining your business operations through the utmost utilization of our software and telematics technology.