Digital Forms and Vehicle Inspections

Digital Forms and Vehicle Inspections

Every company or business houses that have a fleet of vehicles need to inspect and check the quality and conditions of the vehicles and their subsequent parts before they start the first run of the day. Vehicle inspections therefore involve examination, measurement, testing and comparison of the vehicle parts and filling up forms with collected information. Carrying out proper inspections with valid results and filling up paper forms seems a lengthy and tedious job. It takes much time and may appear cumbersome with so many columns to be filled up with minute details. Modern technology has come up with a solution by introducing digital forms that have done away with the tedious job of filling up paper forms with vehicle inspection reports minimising errors and saving time. With digital forms it is now easier to provide vehicle information to everyone related with the job at any location.

Benefits of Using Digital Forms

Digital forms are smarter in compared to paper forms. With suitable app it is easy to upload in your mobile or Tab. Sending vehicle information to any location is now a matter of few minutes. Here are some of the benefits of using digital forms:

  • With the help of an App you can customize your digital form
  • Digital forms filled up with vehicle information can be sent to the related persons at any location
  • The app works online and offline, so it is easier to fill and store data through the digital forms.
  • The digital forms must authenticate photos and signatures of the drivers and users
  • With the help of proper App, it is possible to upload drawings of the vehicle parts that require repair or replacement on the digital forms.
  • The GPS enabled APP will upload digital forms anywhere
  • Double entries and physical storage can be uploaded through digital forms
  • The completed form can easily be accessed through and thus it keeps the drivers and managers up dated about the condition of the vehicle.
  • It has facilitated job and minimizes the chances of errors incurred by manual data entry.

About Makiya

Mayika is a telematics space service provider in Australia, engaged in keeping your fleet of vehicles on top condition for more than 15 years. We provide GPS Tracking Solutions and fleet management Software suitable for your fleet of vehicles. Our Digital forms containing vehicle information work at any place and are most users friendly. We provide ‘Daily Vehicle Maintenance form’, ‘Vehicle Maintenance log’ and ‘Annual Vehicle Inspection Form’. It has given freedom from the use of paper forms that take much time to fill up and often involve unintentional human error. With the help of our software, digital forms are easy to install in the drivers’ and workers’ mobiles or tabs. The data and information stored in digital forms are easy to transfer at any location. Going through the data on digital forms you can easily observe and check your vehicles’ movements and performance. You can organise vehicle inspection in a more efficient way. Digital forms also contribute in fixing work schedules of the drivers and workers. With our digital forms, you can solve any issue occurred with your vehicles. It also enables you compare and analyse the vehicle performance as well as that of the drivers. Using our digital forms you can optimise the performance and safety of your fleet of vehicles including that of your drivers and workers.

At Mayika we work round the clock to assist you run your fleet of vehicles smoothly without encountering any glitch or snag on the road. We are your most trusted telematics technology partner.

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