Fleet Tracking and Management

Fleet Tracking and Management

Fleet tracking and Fleet management are GPS enabled systems used to manage a fleet of vehicles and assets including workers and equipment. Fleet tracking software depends upon telematics technology to maintain track of vehicles and manage their functions. Connected to a vehicle’s OBD2 port or Hard-wired Trackers which are connected to a GPS fleet tracking system collects information about the current location, position and historical data of the vehicle and enables the owners and workers to take strategic decision about the fleet operation. Thus, with GPS fleet tracking software fleet management and maintenance have become easier.

Facilities Provided by Fleet tracking and Management.

GPS fleet tracking results in smart fleet management anywhere in a country. Fleet management software has been developed to have complete control their vehicles and mobile workforce in a city or anywhere in a country. It is fitted with detailed maps and apps that can locate the position and condition of a fleet of vehicles or the employees and their job status. Fleet management software provides an all-round view of the fleet’s daily operations.

  • By reducing costs and increasing productivity GPS fleet tracking software facilitates the process of vehicle maintenance.
  • Since GPS fleet tracking system provides real time location of the vehicles, the commercial vehicle owners can easily streamline the routes of the vehicle movement through route optimisation and estimate the delivery time while getting notified if the route is deviated. They can convince their clients about the exact delivery time while proving a tracking link if required.
  • Fleet management system works incoherence with fleet tracking system. It reduces the time of travel for vehicles by providing real picture of traffic condition and weather condition. The fleet manager can constantly guide the drivers to take the shortest route through route optimisation and reschedule the route. This also increases productivity and efficiency.
  • Vehicle Fleet management system also looks after the condition of a fleet of cars and vehicles and prepares calendar reminders to ensure the vehicles health is in check. The wheels must keep turning for the dollars to keep rolling. GPS Trackers monitor the activity of a vehicle or a piece of equipment, it thus reduces fuel cost, simultaneously indicates which vehicle or parts need to be repaired or changed. All services, insurance renewals, rego renewals can be automated to remind the fleet manager with advance notice of the due date.

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Mayika is a trusted name in fleet tracking and fleet management services in Australia. With experiences of 15 years we are catering our clients in matters related to fleet tracking and GPS fleet management. We aim at improving the safety of Australian transport industry. With our smart move fleet management, running your fleet of cars and vehicles is absolutely a joyful experience. It gives you full control and visibility of your vehicle. Our fleet tracking software is very easy to use and control. We provide the best truck fleet management, Police fleet management, mining fleet management system, apart from vehicle and car fleet management system. Depending upon our fleet management software it is easy to track, manage and maintain all sorts of cars and vehicles. Our smart move taxi fleet management has made travelling within Sydney easy, smooth, comfortable and free from hassles. We are the best fleet management in Sydney. Our fleet management system software is very much updated, easy to install and operate as we claim to sell the best fleet management software in Australia. To reach to a huge clientele, we have kept our fleet management software pricing low but in doing so we haven’t compromised with the quality. Over these long years we have won the hearts of millions of our customers through our honest offers and services. We at Mayika work as a team and constantly striving at giving out the best to our valued customers. The constant feedback from our clients has kept us going, leaving scope for improvement.

For a prompt, efficient and effective fleet tracking and fleet management rely on our hands-on, impeccable services. We are sure to boost up your business and assist in smart fleet management. .

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