GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking or Global Positioning system is a navigation system that helps in establishing the position of a person or object on earth with precision. It tracks three different sets of data namely positioning, navigation and timing. Tracking and controlling a fleet of vehicles is now easier with GPS vehicle tracking system. It has truly improved the efficiency of a fleet of vehicles by minimising the risk of accidents and providing real-time live tracking.

GPS tracking software works incoherence with a network of 24 satellites in the orbit and devices on the earth. A GPS Tracking device receives signals from the satellites to find out and track location of a person, asset, or a vehicle.

Initially, GPS tracking system was solely used by the military forces to know about the foreign invasion, or an attack in the border etc. But after that it was made public and has been used to track and control movements of commercial vehicles, to locate a destination, to search and rescue persons affected by a natural disaster. Using GPS tracker software, it has become easier to rescue people who got stranded at a place after a disaster.

Use of GPS in Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking system has brought about a revolution in vehicle movements. Earlier, it was an upheaval task to know the exact location of vehicles and would cost an arm & leg. But with GPS tracker software it is now a cakewalk to locate a vehicle while costing less than a dollar a day. GPS vehicle tracking enables the companies that run multiple vehicles for business purposes track the exact driver location and status, get powerful insights about fleet efficiency, and provide roadside assistance if necessary. The companies can share the exact location and position of the vehicles with their clients, thus live vehicle tracking incurs numerous benefits for the owners, drivers, and passengers as well. With Live GPS tracking it is now easier to check the condition and efficiency of the vehicles and to avoid any accident. GPS Vehicle tracking thus becomes an integral part of modern vehicles though latest GPS Trackers. It not only has increased the efficiency and safety of vehicles but also ensured road safety. Using GPS vehicle tracking system, the companies can check the activities of the drivers and can send help in case of an emergency. With GPS tracker software in vehicles it is always safe to travel, dispatch items or carry goods to another location. It is also possible to take note of distance, driving time, fuel consumed and other vital information using GPS fleet tracking.

GPS vehicle tracking system further enables the companies to check the behaviours of the drivers in matters of speeding, braking and accelerating. It also helps check fuel consumption trends and fleet health. GPS tracking software has anti-theft device which protects the vehicle from being stolen or to help recover the vehicle.

About Makiya

Mayika is a service focused fleet management company in Australia. With experiences of 15 years we at Mayika are engaged in offering the most effective fleet management solution. Using the state of the art GPS tracking system in Australia we provide our valued clientele a very gratifying experience in matters of vehicle management. To get a glimpse of our services, we offer GPS tracking free trial. In our mission we are constantly being supported by our dedicated team of workers who are ever ready to help our clients with their best services. With our GPS tracking software, we are supporting business houses that need a more sustainable and secured approach to mobility. Using our 4G LTE, the companies or business houses can get a clear cut picture of the location and position of their fleet of vehicles and can facilitate work accordingly. Our improved GPS tracking system ensures safety of the Australian transportation industry. So trust our improved vehicle tracking system to regulate and facilitate the movement of your fleet of vehicles anywhere within Australia.

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