Job Scheduling and Dispatch

Job Scheduling and Dispatch

All field staff managers have to do lots of paper work to keep track of numerous clients, service requests, and handling the field technicians’ schedule to maintain these clients and attend to their service requests. These back office paper works are really strenuous and time consuming. As the company expands, it requires more effective and efficient ways to handle their existing clients and new customer acquisitions. Herein comes the utility of job scheduling software which can automate the process of job scheduling in keeping with the rules and standards of the company.

The job scheduling software is specially designed to carry out repetitive tasks or ad hoc jobs. It prepares the schedule based upon calendar and event conditions known as workload automation. Job scheduling entails a seamless, unattended job execution by allocating resources to run jobs in a sequence, at a specified time and location. Job scheduling and dispatch services help in on time delivery, managing appointments, tracking employee attendance, payroll and managing dispatch schedules for field service workers.

The job scheduling software is GPS enabled software that helps in scheduling teams to see the real time location of field-based staff and assign jobs based on skillset, location or department. It is also integrated with map apps to help technicians get directions and routes to the scheduled jobs.

Benefits Provided by Job Scheduling Software.

The Job scheduling software provides plenty of benefits to the users by managing the company’s workforce and framing the work schedule and dispatch services.

  • Workforce Scheduling :
  • Job scheduling enables the field managers prepare the work hours of the employees by tracking their calendars in real-time. It also allows the managers to allocate skills-based jobs for employees across multiple locations. The employees get scope of their upcoming schedule within 7 days and allows them to prepare for their next job.
  • Time-clock Management :
  • With the help of dispatch scheduling software the business owners can manage employee work hours by maintaining their check-ins or check-outs time. Job scheduling service also keeps track of their paid time off (PTO) days.
  • Centralization of Information :
  • Using Dispatch scheduling software the field managers can centralize data at a single location and updates it in real-time. It helps everyone view accurate information and send automated alerts in case of schedule overlap.
    Go Paper-Less
    Using electronic forms, you can now relieve your workers with the burden of writing down information regarding a job they completed. Forms are now customizable which allows you the replicate your paper form and provide an opportunity for your clients to grade the performance of your employees while providing an e-signature. All these forms are stored in the system which allows you to monitor KPIs of your employees and provides you with historical data when needed in the future.
  • Job Scheduling
  • Increases Accountability and Transparency of Service :
  • Job scheduling software promotes accountability by letting employees see their next job and promises transparency of service by automatically generating optimized schedules.

About Makiya

Mayika is a household name in business circle in Australia for providing the best job scheduling software. With our telematics services we cater to reputed business houses across Sydney and Melbourne. In our endeavour we are constantly being supported by a group of dedicated workers who are very careful of rendering the best service to our clients.

We at Mayika provide job scheduling software for the best management of workforce that help maintaining the transparency in the job. Availing the functions of our software, the companies and business houses have already facilitated business and saved time. Our job scheduling software has also contributed significantly to increase productivity and transparency.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer job scheduling software for free trial. Our easy to install software is sure to win the hearts of our customers. Using job scheduling software, you can improve office efficiency by displaying technician job/status, get instant access to job details such as customer, location, task(s) and customer asset, etc. It is also useful in creating repeat customers through assigning the right technician to the right job always.

Do not fret over job scheduling and dispatch while Mayika job scheduling software is at hand.

Mayika also provides Industrial Grade Tablets for the employees to manage and complete all their jobs.

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