Route Optimisation and Planning

Route Optimisation and Planning

Route optimisation is the process to calculate and generate the best possible routes for drivers over their entire work day. Route optimisation and route planning depend on multiple factors, such as a driver’s work schedule, the order of stops, types of vehicles in the fleet, traffic, weather. The process also considers the limitations on the road such as narrow roads or low bridge clearance.

With the help of route optimisation software it is possible to prepare more efficient drivers friendly routes. The route planning software keeps drivers on schedule, and reduces unnecessary costs and delay in delivery and mobility.

Route planning and route optimisation comprise an essential part of maintaining a fleet of vehicles. Without proper planning, it is not possible to utilise the maximum length of road within a stipulated time. On any working day, a driver has to halt at different stops overcoming road congestion and bad weather. Route planning software enables the managers to plan and optimise the routes to facilitate mobility for the drivers and save time.

The GPS enabled route optimisation software helps to check the road condition, traffic and prompts the managers to chalk out the route for the drivers.

Again some road restrictions are implied for heavy and large vehicles. Route optimisation software identifies such roads and navigates the movement of such vehicles. Route optimisation software can check a driver’s work schedule, the order of the trips, vehicle profile, traffic and the time the driver needs to complete the trips.

Benefits of using Route Optimisation Software.

  • Route optimisation software and route planning software have facilitated the route mapping procedure and saved time. The managers do not have to depend on paper maps, real-time weather data and driver logbooks. Using route optimisation, they can view the movements and positions of the drivers and they don’t need to contact the driver to determine if they are on schedule or experiencing a delay.
  • The delivery route optimisation software enables to send real-time location data and thus the customers get notification of real time delivery of an item or goods. It helps building relation with the customers and winning their trust which is absolutely essential for business growth.
  • Route optimisation software also helps saving fuel cost, drivers’ energy and time and reduces maintenance expenditure round the year.

About Makiya

Mayika is a well known telematics service provider in Australia. With experiences over 15 years we are catering business houses by providing route optimisation software and route planning software. Our software is cost effective and very easy to install and use. Using our route planning and route optimisation software several industry and e-commerce have facilitated their delivery operation and reduced expenditure. It also has given freedom to the drivers from finding out a location manually or using paper maps. Our online route planning device enables the managers to monitor the movements of the drivers and chalk out the travel route. By optimising the route, it is possible for them to save time. Both the company and the drivers are benefitted by this.

We offer the route optimisation and route planning software to our clients free for trial. They can use it for a stipulated period of time to judge the efficacy of the software.

Our workers are happy to serve our clients always. They are well trained and well versed about the software and explain you properly about its functions and usage. With our route optimisation software you can experience a smooth and hassle free fleet operation and business delivery. Do not hesitate to call or contact us for a free demo of our route planning software installation.

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