Asset Tracking and Management

Asset Tracking and Management

Asset tracking is the process of recording and managing valuable items that a business owns. It involves logging every piece of equipment so you can record daily use and other key details in one centralised tracking system. The aim is not only to ensure you know where your key assets are, but that they are cost-effective business tools that are also being properly maintained.

At a basic level, asset tracking systems provide a procedure for staff to log when they use equipment and where they take it. However, they can also be used to keep track of your assets in a large warehouse environment so that staff can locate items quickly. You might also record details such as model and make when maintenance is due or how much use the item has had.

GPS asset tracking is used by companies to save business time and money. Asset tracking solutions aim at keeping assets secure.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management system works at improving the accuracy of asset location and the efficiency of moving assets in and out of storage facilities. Thus, providing information and location asset tracking saves time and money standing way ahead of manual asset trackers. Asset tracking and asset management system are fitted with software that implements the IP numbers on the labels and tags to track an inventory.

Usually farming, construction, mining, and companies managing emergency equipment use asset tracking solutions to maintain large inventory as well as shipping and logistics and facilitate supply chain management. Asset tracking software enables the users to know and access to an asset’s location and thus gives insight to its whereabouts. It also allocates time to correct mistakes in the future. Asset tracking management involves the job of tracking the number of an item, where and how an item went missing. It further helps employees to work on retrieving a lost or stolen asset.

Using GPS tracking system the companies can carry on global asset management. The companies and warehouses can use the asset tracking software for GPS tracking of fleet vehicles in order to increase the efficiency of services and accuracy. With the help of satellite technology and mobile phones the users can view their inventory and conduct property asset management anywhere in the world in real-time.

About Makiya

Over 15 years we at Mayika are involved in providing business solution in Australia by means of providing GPS asset tracking software. Our GPS asset tracking system is particularly designed to facilitate e- commerce. Our precision of working has made our asset tracking popular in Australia. Mayika is known for the best digital asset management. We are most popular for our Australia Wide Asset Tracking, Sydney asset management and Melbourne asset management where most of our customers work out of. The place specific asset management solutions have made our service further accessible to people. By means of providing the best asset management solution and asset tracking software we have won the hearts of our valued clientele. To expand business and enhance our quality of service we often offer asset tracking software free for 2 months Trial. Our asset management strategy is specially manoeuvred to keep in mind the requirement of our clients. It is easy to use and most compatible for the users. Our clients are our priority and we always endeavour to render them the best asset tracking plan.

Our asset tracking software is user friendly and intuitive. It is easy to use and can easily be installed on a laptop as well as in mobile phones. With our asset management Australia strategy, the users can work with precision resulting in them saving time, resources, and money.

If you are a Transport Company, Skip-Bins, Livestock Transporter, Earth Moving, Plant Hire, Pest Control, HVAC, Trailer Hire or have any asset, we invite you to access our asset tracking software free for trial. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business, fleet of vehicles and assets be tracked free from glitches and hassle. We at Mayika have vowed to oblige you with our best service and gain your appreciation and recommendations for future performance.

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