Driver Safety and Performance

Driver Safety and Performance

Monitoring driver performance and optimising driver safety constitute one of the most important parts of fleet management and safety. Nowadays fleet managers, operations managers, small business owners, large fleets of vehicles use fleet management apps to track driver performance and ensure their safety measures through Driver score cards and Pre-Trip Inspections. The driver safety solutions are fitted with GPS trackers to monitor the fleet movement and check the driver performance whether they are following traffic rules, maintaining speed limit without risky driving and time to reach destination. The driver safety solutions help in planning drivers schedule and offer them ample time for travelling. Preparing the drivers schedule is the most important thing included in driver safety norms. If the drivers are well informed about their schedule, they need not hurry and can maintain the speed limit. It also enables them to avoid distractions and rash driving on road.

Driver safety programme is therefore chalked out to avoid any untoward accident and fatality on road as this incurs huge loss for the companies. By introducing driver safety services, the companies can protect lives and reduces the risk of life-altering injuries within their workforce, minimize negligence on road and maximize the efficiency of every mile covered while reducing Insurance Premiums. It also helps in driver behaviour monitoring in matters of speeding, accelerating, braking and sharp turns.

Driver safety programme also includes training and fleet safety. The drivers must be properly trained and informed about road safety norms to avoid accidents and fatalities whether the highway or city roads. They should be trained to use the app which informs them about their duties and tasks, daily schedule and road condition. Fleet safety measures such as pre-trip inspections are taken to check the condition of the fleet of vehicles so that they can perform better on the road ensuring the safety of the drivers and surrounding vehicles. Fleet safety enables the users to know about fuel requirement and condition of the parts of the vehicles whether they require any repairing or replacement.

Most companies pay hefty insurance premiums for their commercial vehicles, with the driver behaviour system it is easier to promote safe driving. This is a great way to ensure that you get a reduction across your fleet of vehicles by proving to the insurer that the person behind the wheel is a safe driver. The GPS Trackers are enabled with g-sensors and a gyroscope to calculate accurately risky events be it sudden breaking, harsh acceleration, sharp cornering, or frequent lane change.

About Makiya

Mayika is one of the most leading telematics spaces in Australia. With the enthusiasm and support of a team of workers, we are engaged in providing the best telematics technology to some reputed companies and business houses in Australia including Sydney and Melbourne for more than 15 years. Our GPS tracking hardware is the most desired hardware in the industry. Using our driver safety programme you can not only streamline your business but also facilitate work avoiding the risks of accidents and casualties. We provide a special driver app that helps in driver behaviour monitoring. With this app you can easily manage the work and movement of your drivers by scheduling their jobs. It is also helpful in dispatching and managing the drivers’ job directly to their phone. Simultaneously it keeps you updated on their work progress. Our driver app is easy to use and install in the mobile phones. The drivers can be updated about their task and schedule through this app. With an intension to keep an eye on the truck and container movements on the high way we have also introduced a truck driver monitoring system. To a great extent the truck driver monitoring system has minimised the accidents on high way.

At Mayika, we also provide our clients Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Using this electronic system the drivers can enjoy a safe driving and parking function. ADAS is a safe human-machine interface that works on increasing car and road safety. ADAS systems are fitted with sensors and cameras which help in identifying nearby obstacles or driver errors, and respond accordingly. Thus, ADAS has ensured drivers safety and reduced road accidents by minimizing human error.

Take up Mayika ADAS and driver safety solutions for better driver performance and fleet management.

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