Enjoy Multiple Benefits of Dash cams in Cars

enjoy multiple benefits of dash cams in cars

25 year old Robert was in cloud nine when his father handed him the key of his first car as his birthday gift. Soon his excitement ebbed down giving place to worries as he contemplated of driving through the busy roads of his city evading traffic congestion. He could not overlook the possibility of a hit and run. His father assured him showing the dashboard camera fitted in his car. It is endowed with the power of recording every movement and image inside and outside the car. In the words of Robert’s father, ‘a dash cam works the jobs of ten witnesses alone’.

Initially, dash cams were used in police vans, ambulance, fire engines, and other emergency service cars. But viewing its innumerable benefits, nowadays more and more people are showing interests in installing dash cams in their cars which has escalated its sale.

Dash cams function through car digital video recorder (car DVR), driving recorder and event data recorder (EDR). With the help of these DVR and EDR it can record every image and sound while driving. Dual Dash cams can capture and store front and rear view of the vehicle while some other type of dash cams record 360 degrees view of the interior of the vehicle usually in a ball form and send accurate pictures and video using 4G network automatically. The other features of dash cams include: higher resolution picture quality, larger storage cards, GPS connectivity for estimating speed and Wifi connectivity for downloading video to a cell-phone. Dash cams start functioning as soon as the car starts rolling on the road and keep on working continuously. Some dash cams are also kept in activation even when the vehicle engine is stopped to detect motion or an impact if the car is struck by another vehicle or is under theft attempt.

Utilities of Using Dash Cams in Cars

  • Dash cams being the silent witness of the road and vehicle movement, record and review the cause of accidents and the drivers’ behaviour on the road. It provides accurate and unbiased evidence of a car accident.
  • Providing detailed proof of any accident it establishes insurance claims. Of late for clearing insurance claim, the insurance companies chiefly depend upon impartial dash cam records.
  • Reviewing the dash cams recordings, the accident prone zone on the road can be marked to avoid accidents in future.
  • With the help of car dash cams, it is possible to review the drivers’ faults. This helps protecting the interest of the innocent and good drivers.
  • Dash cams help ensuring the safety and security of the vehicle and that of the passengers.
  • The front and rear dash cams enable the users in fleet management on a busy congested road.
  • The footage of the dash cams enable the police look into the cause of accidents, car theft and find the offenders.
  • Dash cams function even when the car engine is turned off. It is specially designed with high memory capacity to record and store data while driving.
  • For fleet management dash cams come handy by providing real picture of the road and drivers’ behaviour.
  • It helps the fleet managers monitoring the drivers’ behaviour whether they are abiding by the traffic rules, speed limit and road safety norms.
  • Dash cams also provide information about the trips made by the drivers who drive ‘Uber’ cabs or other fleet of vehicles.

Fleet management in Australia has been simplified with the use of dash cams in cars. Almost all the companies in the country prefer to install dash cams in their fleet of vehicles for their multiple usages. Dash cams protect the interest of the drivers as well as that of the company. Judging upon the report and recordings of dash cams the rowdy drivers can be punished. Simultaneously the intentions of good, innocent drivers can be verified with the help of dash cams. It comes handy in putting insurance claim for an accident.

Using the modern telematics technology Mayika has launched dash cams for efficient fleet management in Australia. Dash cams of Mayika, Australia is available online and offline. To ensure the safety of your drivers and passengers and hassle free running of fleet of vehicles, install Mayika dash cams, the best dash cams in Australia.

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